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Would PrestaShop support be advantageous for your online store? Creating a webstore takes a lot of time and effort. Both marketing and technical requirements have to be met. Still, even after a successful launch, your webstore can be prone to different types of technical issues, because ecommerce and web development are constantly moving forward. Protect your business from unexpected downtimes! All the little issues can worsen user experience and, therefore, make your potential clients’ impression negative. In a highly competitive environment, this can lead to a serious loss of money and reputation. But there is a way out: with PrestaShop support by BelVG, you won’t have to worry about system failures anymore. It is about being sure that user experience will constantly be excellent.


Rely on a certified PrestaShop partner to keep your website performance on a high level. Running an online store is a complex task and it might be a challenge to keep everything in good working order. With the help of our team, you will provide your customers with a safe and smooth experience. BelVG PrestaShop team will watch for any unexpected issues and do everything to prevent them. With our PrestaShop support, you won’t have to deal with unforeseen problems and will be able to focus on sales growth.


We assign a Project Coordinator to guide you


Does anyone know your online store as you do? Regardless of your business size and shape, hiring a PrestaShop project coordinator will definitely make business management less complex. Forget about the situations when you have to wait several hours for advice from people who aren’t aware of the details of your business. Our dedicated PrestaShop project coordinator will always be here to take care of your online store. As a part of your team, this manager will know all the ins and outs and be ready to assist in time.


Trust our professional project coordinator to monitor your online store performance. We will watch for your ecommerce website health, timely install all the security patches and updates, predict, and prevent technical issues. You won’t have to care about how to manage your team’s work to get the best possible results, maintain high website speed, bug-free performance, keep modules, and security patches up-to-date. Furthermore, you get our experienced project coordinator for free, which is a great opportunity for you.


Team of Professionals to Support You


Does your online store have the primary objective? Are you willing to scale your store and reach new audiences? When competition is stiff, even little issues can harm your business reputation. Large-scale worldwide businesses are difficult to manage as you have to coordinate people from around the world to work for your brand growth. Under such challenging circumstances, it’s important to have a professional support team, which is highly aware of your business, to timely assist your customers.


Don’t let your business be threatened by unexpected technical problems. Rely on our PrestaShop support team to keep your ecommerce website efficiency at the highest level. Our team of professional developers has had experience working with large international businesses. With our high-level PrestaShop support you can be sure nothing takes you aback.


Continuous Improvements and Upgrades


Is your PrestaShop online store running the latest version? It’s significant for every website to have top-notch security. Developers work hard to constantly improve PrestaShop and provide users with the latest security patches. Every little update and security patch update your webstore security according to the latest security requirements. Therefore, it’s reasonable to keep your PrestaShop updated to the last version to avoid cyber-attacks, system failures, and any other technical problems. Keep up with the latest PrestaShop version: get the best security level and apply the newest features.


Meet the experienced PrestaShop development team. We are here to keep your webstore secure and efficient. Your online store security is our top priority, so we notify our clients about the recent updates in 24 hours after they are released. Working with PrestaShop for more than 10 years, we understand how important it is to maintain webstore safety, so we set up the latest security patches within 72 hours. Stay up-to-date with the highest security standards that PrestaShop provides.

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