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The strength of the team is every single member

Individual commitment to a group effort


Our development journey started back in 2004 when most of the people did not even know the word “ecommerce”. Today, we are one of the top ecommerce agencies worldwide according to Clutch but our prime goal has remained the same – to help businesses upgrade their commercial experience. BelVG always focuses on innovations, the highest quality, best design practices, and customer convenience in the face of emerging technologies and growing market requirements.


The members of our team are all different in appearance, gender, personal values, and lifestyles, but we have a common passion that unites us – ecommerce. Since the day when BelVG was founded by two university friends, we have grown not only professionally, but also personally. Our team has gone through multiple difficulties as well as inspiring victories together. We are particularly proud of our broad corporate culture focused on the success of our clients and every single team member.


People are at the core of everything we do


Mikita Kuzmitsi

Project Manager

Vlad Yunusov

Vlad Yunusov

Project Manager


Denis Guriyanov



Andrei Litvin

Team Lead


Alex Grigorenko

Senior Full Stack Developer


Andrei Danilchyk

Team Lead


Mike Soiko

Senior Full Stack Developer


Artsem Miklashevich

Senior Full Stack Developer


Alexander Simonchik

Team Lead

Our team is our main value


We enjoy every project and focus on being productive, not just busy. Besides coding, most of our team members are huge fans of table tennis, X-box, board games, and cycling. Does it match with your hobbies? If the answer is yes and you happen to be a talented developer at the same time, you’d better contact our HR manager right away!


You might join our team right on time to take part in our coming corporate celebration. Every couple of months, including major holidays such as Christmas we throw out a party. At the same time, we lead a healthy lifestyle, so it is not surprising to find us playing volleyball or camping. However, we are not obsessed with sports, just as we love healthy food, we love cookies that can be found in our corporate kitchen.


And most significantly, no matter what we do, work or play, BelVG remains a team – solid and supportive, inventive and creative, enthusiastic, and ready for the major and minor challenges!

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