Blaha Gartenmöbel

The largest outdoor furniture store in Europe.

Blaha Gartenmöbel is a family business from Austria. Started more than 50 years ago, it is now a major outdoor furniture retailer with the biggest brick-and-mortar store in Europe. Just try to imagine 10,000 m2 of exhibition space, and you will understand – this is a serious and well-established business.


There are a wide range of products in Blaha Gartenmöbel catalogue. Everything for comfortable and casual outdoor living can be found there: from parasols that started the business in 1950-s to barbecues. A complete range of products can be found giving plenty of inspiration and design ideas in the large showroom in the suburbs of Vienna. At the same time, every customer can visit the Blaha Gartenmöbel webstore and have a detailed overview of their offers.


Migration to Magento 2


Initially, Blaha Gartenmöbel had a simple PHP written website. With such an old-fashioned style of website it definitely limited the company’s attractiveness when online buyers saw their website. It was decided to create an up-to-date webstore that will be more appropriate for mobile devices, responsive websites and modern ecommerce. Having made a market research, Blaha Gartenmöbel decided to launch a Magento 2 based webstore as it was the perfect solution to meet their requirements. This ecommerce system itself can be scaled up without any loss of functionality and can be adapted to ever-increasing business needs. On the base of a successful experience with Magento, BelVG was selected as an ecommerce development company to create an appropriate online store.


Magento Integration


Blaha Gartenmöbel is a long-standing company with well-established business processes. The webstore was conceived to be a new sales channel, that will work together with their brick-and-mortar store. BelVG’s main purpose was to integrate ecommerce into a general business strategy smoothly and naturally. To achieve this aim, our developers integrated the ERP system that is used in the physical store into the webstore. For Blaha Gartenmöbel BelVG embedded Microsoft Axapta ERP system into the Magento 2 webstore. It allows users to manage orders, products and customers from both sales channels in one system.


Custom Magento Development


Magento is an open-source ecommerce system. With the correct approach it allows to customize a webstore according to business needs. BelVG team demonstrated a deep understanding of Blaha Gartenmöbel business and created a special shipping extension for their webstore. With this custom developed product, it is now possible to automatically calculate the delivery cost according to the distance between warehouse and shipping address. Such an extension significantly simplified the webstore manager’s work. Altogether, BelVG created 54 custom modules of different complexity for the Blaha Gartenmöbel webstore. All the developed plugins for Magento 2 are compatible with each other and help to create a webstore that the client wanted.

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