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Owning a store full of high quality well-made spirits is a dream of every man. Two friends took their dream and developed it into reality. They created an online store of craft alcoholic drinks based in New York City. These two Harvard Law School graduates started their business in 2012 and since then they have been providing customers with rare beverages. Caskers online store is a unique place where every visitor can browse the spirit cellar, learn about one of hundreds of available drinks and purchase whichever suits their tastes and needs.


Migration to Magento 2


Managing a Magento 1 webstore, Caskers decided it was time to grow and move forward. The company was looking for a solution, that would be innovative, relevant and familiar for both webstore admin and customers alike. Magento 2 was the perfect ecommerce solution for this problem and quickly gave them a timely and much needed solution. With such a requirement, the challenge for BelVG was to upgrade the ecommerce platform version with all their previous customers, products, orders, git cards and urls saved. Moreover, we completely preserved the website design with a particular focus on habitual customers behavior on the online store.


Magento Integration


As in every business, Caskers has certain software applications that help them in their daily routine, such as products, orders and stock balance monitoring. It was important for the company to integrate their own custom warehouse management system into Magento 2 website. BelVG team successfully integrated the already established WMS that Caskers had and it worked well with the newly updated Magento 2 system. We also complemented the WMS by adding an opportunity to create a tracking code and keep an eye on every order. Such a function is aimed at improving customers shopping experience and making the process of product purchase and shipment more user-friendly.


Custom Magento Development


Magento 2 has established itself as a flexible ecommerce platform. It gives a possibility to transform almost every client’s requirement into a webstore feature. Caskers took this opportunity. BelVG managed the club subscription system development for this project. The point of this feature is to allow customers to join one of the three whiskey clubs and to receive high quality spirit every three months. Every club member can stop and renew the subscription in a few clicks. It is also possible to purchase a club membership for a specified period for friends, families and colleagues. BelVG developed a separate checkout for club members, but all the subscriptions are integrated into a client’s custom WMS.

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