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Custom development for ecommerce websites can help with a conversion rate, automate process sales processes, and help with business management. Read more about custom features, the BelVG team implemented.

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Guest Wishlist for Stackers on Magento website

Custom Guest Wishlist allows unlogged users adding products and saving them for the next visit to the online store. Clients can save items and easily add them to the cart when ready to place an order. View more

Customer groups for Kasimir & Lieselotte Magento website

A special plugin is inbuilt into the admin panel and allows adding certain buyers into a special group of customers that have specific privileges: additional discounts, prior access to sales. View more

Registration date requirement for Deine Tür Magento website

The company wanted to have a relevant client base. We created a requirement for the registration date. If the password becomes too old, the system asks to renew it. If it’s renewed, the system marks an account as an existing one. View more
Customer ID

Magento: Customer ID for KAP diagnostics

KAP diagnostics turned to us for carrying a migration from M1 to M2. They also asked for a solution to optimize marketing strategy and automate user interaction. So, we implemented a Customer ID. This is a unique number that is assigned to each logged in user. The system store purchase history, subscription, personal data of the user under this number. This solution is favorable both for admins and clients.


Clients have a possibility to create several accounts under one Customer ID. A company can add different accounts for several managers but they will still work under the same ID without losing their mutual history.


KAP admins were relieved of routine work. For example, Customer ID allows the company to build up an automatically sent newsletters with personalized selection of news based on a receiver’s purchase history.

Ekstralys main

Magento: Subscription varieties for Caskers

Whiskey selling brand Caskers asked the BelVG team to proceed a migration from M1 Commerce to M2 Open Source with building up a custom subscription system. Company had two Clubs: one for US-crafted whiskey admires and the other for drinks from different countries. We introduced a subscription membership, once signed up, a customer receives drinks and taste notes for them every three months. During that time, they could change the shipping address, cancel, pause, renew the subscription or switch to another Club.


We also worked out a possibility to send a membership as a gift in a few steps. A sender chooses Club and duration, writes a note and sends a code. And a receiver joins the Club just filling out a promo code on the website.

Product search adjustment

Magento: Product search adjustment for Ekstralys

Scandinavian company Ekstralys that sells LED lamps, vehicle lighting equipment and accessories needed to migrate their multistore of six storefronts from M1 to M2.


Moreover, they asked the BelVG team to adjust searching tools. We came up with two complementary solutions. We integrated Klevu Search into the website and customized it. Customers could find a needed product by key features and see related WorldPress articles. We also set up different prices for each storefront.


To ease the searching process for vehicle owners we built up the system based on vehicle identification number, or VIN. As a result, all products can be found by entering either VIN or the brand, make, model and manufacturing year. Admins can also view and edit the data for each model by simply assigning the VIN on the website.

Ekstralys main

Magento: Shirt builder for made-to-measure shirts for Savile Row Co

Savile Row Co, a luxury store selling shirts, suits and accessories for men, turned to BelVG asking to migrate their website from M1 to M2 and optimize the performance. They wanted to provide the clients with an opportunity to build up a perfect shirt online. Our team presented a custom solution — Builder for made-to-measure shirts.


It’s a special section where a customer can choose design, color and such details as collar, pocket and buttons to order a fully personalized item. The instrument is available for any website visitor, however it requires logging in to send measures.

Ekstralys main

Magento: Custom configuration tool for Vinduesgrossisten

Vinduesgrossisten is a Danish company that sells windows and doors at affordable prices and good quality. They asked BelVG to migrate the store from M1 to M2 and conduct several integrations and custom solutions.


We created a special Windows and Doors Configuration tool that helps the clients customize their orders, calculate the price, and place the orders without reaching out to the seller directly. It provides the opportunity to select the dimensions of windows and doors, handles and other details, and customize them according to their tastes and preferences. The final version of custom items will be sent to a manufacturer and used as a drawing.

Automatic cart filing

PrestaShop: Automatic cart filing and custom checkout for Taxfreesnus

An Andorra-based online store Taxfreesnus provides buyers with free worldwide delivery of Swedish snus. They turned to the BelVG team for Prestashop update and customization of services. The aim was to workout a user-friendly one-step checkout and add some additional features. As most of the clients repeat their orders, we decided to integrate the functionality that allows saving items in the cart for the next purchase. The logged-in user chooses an option «Save items in cart» and the next time the cart would be filled with them automatically.


We also customized a checkout. As Taxfreesnus sells specific products, each item in the cart has to be issued as a separate order with an individual package. Obviously, urging a customer to pay for products separately wasn’t an option at all. We set up a custom rule, each item added to the cart was placed in the system as a separate order. But as the users orders are linked together they can pay for all of them at once. Such a solution was suitable both for the customers and the store itself.

Ekstralys main

PrestaShop: Quick and recurring orders for Wellness Resource

Wellness Resources is a family business that specializes in health-improving natural supplements. They asked BelVG for some custom feature development and long-term website support.


To expand website functionality, we added the Autoship option that allows logged-in users creating recurring orders. They just need to make a list of products and set up a frequency of buying. The system itself makes orders and payments. At any time lists can be edited or deleted as well as payment and shipping information.


We also introduced a quick order page for those who know their precise shopping list. It became possible to choose items from the list and quickly add them to the cart specifying a quantity.

Ekstralys main

Shopware: Contact form synchronization for Bearcreeks

Bearcreeks is a German distributor of boots sold in 26 countries. As they wanted to expand functionality and ease the management processes, we developed a synchronization of the contact form with Google Sheets.


A contact form for warranty services was filled by customers on a website, and admins processed such requests in Google Sheets. They transferred all the information manually and we automatized the process. Now the information transmits from a website to Sheets with a file ID via Google API. The manager only had to contact a customer and offer a solution.

Сheckouts customization

Magento: B2B and B2C checkouts customization for Ekstralys

For Ekstralys, the company selling LED lamps and vehicle lighting equipment in 6 online stores, we also worked out a custom checkout solution. As they work both with B2B and B2C clients, we brought two different checkouts depending on the customer group.


For B2C storefronts, we integrated Klarna Checkout combining a proposed checkout with a shopping cart. As a result, users had the opportunity to change products in the cart and to choose payment and shipping on one page. We also configured a custom delivery for Greenland addresses  as only several carries operate there.


For B2B storefronts, we set up a one-step checkout customizing it to be more user-friendly. Previously, a user entered a delivery address and then a billing one — and that was inconvenient. We changed the order so the billing address came first and can be saved also as a delivery one.

Delivery matrix

Magento: Delivery matrix implementation for Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers is an online store based in Hong Kong and providing gift hampers and treats. They asked BelVG to carry out a migration to Magento 2, design a custom template and update some extensions.


As a result, one of the novelties was implemented into a delivery system. We extended the functionality. so that the users can choose the precise delivering time for their suburb. We adjusted the date and time slots as well as the delivery matrix for that.


We also added a possibility to leave a gift message that would be printed out on the chosen box.

Ekstralys main

Magento: Delivery cost calculation for Blaha Gartenmöbel

Blaha Gartenmöbel is a family retailer of outdoor furniture with the biggest brick-and-mortar store in Europe. They had a simple PHP website, which the BelVG team replaced with a scalable Magento 2 online store.


We added lots of modules to the website, one of which was a custom shipping extension. It made it possible to automatically calculate the delivery cost based on the distance between shipping address and a warehouse. Beforehand, a webstore admin manually filled different possible locations and an option to cross the Danube river. But we introduced an interactive map where a manager can enter the delivery address and the price will be calculated and displayed in a popup window.

Ekstralys main

PrestaShop: Custom return procedure for Artipoppe

Artipoppe is a Dutch brand that creates stylish baby carriers and slings. BelVG provided it with long-time support and carried out plenty of integrations. One of the primary tasks was to adjust the return of products as the default solution wasn’t suitable. We extended its functionalities by several changes.


First of all we separated returns depending on the shipped country as the free shipping was available only for the USA. Then we added a return page so the customers could request a product exchange instead of return. We also set up a field with the ID number for admins to assist stock management easier.


One more important return adjustment was connected to guest users orders. To improve their experience, we implemented a rule that automatically creates an account when a customer places a returning request. The login data is sent via email and gives them the ability to track the product return.

Ekstralys main

The next enhancement was introducing different status groups that maintain the logic of product return. It was made for the store administration. Now, when the order status changes to return, the system resupply the stock automatically.


Last but not least was bounding the statuses of order and return. Previously, customers were returning each item as separate requests. If three of four slings didn’t suit, three return requests were submitted and three separate shipments were carried. We changed the system. Now, a customer can return several items from one order as a single request.

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