Girard Sudron

The most elegant lamps that money can buy.

Girard Sudron is a French company with 5 subsidiaries in Europe, which invents, manufactures and merchandices premium and original lighting solutions. With attention to décor, the company has been supplying consumers with the newest lighting technologies for 124 years. Girard Sudron develops and successfully implements the best ideas for unique light sources and accessories. The focus has always been not only on VIP clients like The Hôtel de Ville or Palace of Versailles in Paris but on providing customers with DIY ready-made solutions as well. Lighting and accessories are not everything the company offers. Assistance in effective energy-saving solutions together with installation of the equipment and post-installation monitoring as well as an energy audit is a relatively new service. Girard Sudron should be proud of themselves.


Magento Development


Girard Sudron is a world-known company with a long history. Moving with the times, they decided to launch a beautiful and functional webstore that will be in line with their products and company’s size. The main requirement for their ecommerce platform was an opportunity to support multi stores, as the company works in eight countries all over the world. With such a wide variety of international customers the webstore needed different language versions, taxation and delivery systems. Magento 2 is a perfect system for multi store development. Working with it gave BelVG an opportunity to implement all the client’s requirements and create eight separate webstores integrated in one platform.


Magento Integration


One of the main features of Magento is an opportunity to embed it in every existing business. No matter what ERP, WMS or accounting systems you use, with the help of professional developers you will be able to integrate all of them into your webstore and make sure they work properly together. As Girard Sudron is a company with entrenched business processes, it was important for them to integrate their ERP system into a developed online shop. BelVG team built WIZAM into the Magento 2 store and went through its customization procedure. Thus, Girard Sudron was able to manage their products, orders, customers and invoices in the ERP system they are accustomed to.


Custom Magento Development


Magento is a highly customizable platform. It is possible to make it compatible with all stores types, no matter what products are in the catalog. BelVG cooperated closely with Girard Sudron and established a few new features specially for their webstore. As lamps are specific technical products that are difficult to choose online, the development team created several calculators to ease the buying process. Their functionality allows the user to compare traditional lamps with LED-lamps and estimate savings, convert a value from one unit of measure to another and calculate the diameter of illumination to find out how many lamps the placement needs.

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