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KAP Diagnostics is a supplier and distributor of vehicle diagnostic equipment. Headquartered in Lancashire, United Kingdom, the company doesn’t limit its opportunities with only one market, but delivers products worldwide. Being in partnership with Arbites company, a top-level developer of diagnostic equipment, KAP Diagnostics has only premier diagnostic tools and next-generation solutions in their catalog. Starting its history in 2010, the company grew from a regular equipment dealer to being a key distributor of the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface (AVDI) products. Today KAP Diagnostics not only has an online store, but the company has also launched a training facility dedicated to the AVDI.


Migration to Magento 2


Working with KAP Diagnostics for over five years, BelVG was involved in the company’s Magento website development from scratch. When it came time to update and migrate their online store to the latest Magento version, KAP Diagnostics had no doubts about an ecommerce development partner. Knowing the company’s website in depth, the BelVG development team managed the Magento 2 migration with no problems and no data loss. Our experienced back end developers not only updated the platform but also created brand-new versions of custom extensions to ensure compatibility with Magento 2. Thanks to our cooperation, KAP Diagnostics got a renewed ecommerce website that is functional, fast, and easy to use for both customers and managers.


Magento Integration


KAP Diagnostics not only sells high-in-demand diagnostic tools but also provides clients with excellent support during the equipment installation, calibration, and usage. Such a business approach needs specific ecommerce solutions. As KAP Diagnostics used Zendesk to communicate with customers, BelVG developers did their best to integrate it into Magento 2 and ensure that they worked properly together. Launching the training facility in 2014, KAP Diagnostics also needed to integrate their Magento 2 website with Eventbrite, the service company used to create, share, and promote their training courses. BelVG meet all client’s requirements and successfully managed the Magento 2 integrations KAP Diagnostics needed to run the business smoothly.


Magento Theme Development


When selling technically sophisticated products, clean and straightforward design is what your website needs. While working on the store migration to Magento 2, KAP Diagnostics decided to take all the advantages of the upgrade procedure and refresh their website design. The main aim was to improve the way the store looked online together with saving the current design concept. With brilliant front end developers on our team, we managed to turn all KAP Diagnostics design ideas into a ready-to-use Magento 2 theme. BelVG delivered a fully optimized template that works fast and looks great no matter what devices and browsers customers use.

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