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Luxurious tableware from the best brands

Lothar John Tischkultur was founded on November 1, 1979. It is still one of the best online retailers of tableware and home decor accessories. For more than 40 years, the company has been creating new ideas, introducing innovations, and meeting the needs of its customers. The online shop provides a wide range of the finest porcelain, stunning glass, noble tableware, perfect kitchen utensils, and high-quality interior items. From functional to luxurious, the company offers a diverse selection of attractive and exclusive brands. Each product in the online store’s product list is provided with a full description so that any consumer can get a complete picture. Even if a unique item is not in stock, the company orders it for the client.


Upgrade to Magento 2


The company that sells home decor must keep up with modern trends. It includes many aspects and especially an up-to-date online store. In a changing market, the company’s image must remain unchanged but the technologies and design around it should follow the trends. Lothar John Tischkultur had been working with Magento for many years, so migration to the latest version of this platform was a great solution. The company set a goal to migrate to Magento 2 and save the old client interface at the same time. BelVG was hired to manage and monitor the migration process. As a result, Lothar John Tischkultur received the perfect online store.


Magento customization to enhance the functionality


The customization of the e-Commerce platform is one of the key points, even if this platform is very functional by default. It applies both to Frontend or Backend. Magento is a changeable system, and an entrepreneur has the ability to implement any desired feature. It is used not only by American merchants for their online shops but also by merchants from other countries as Magento can be adapted to any language or market. Lothar John Tischkultur is a Germany-based company so BelVG customized its online store to match the requirements of this region.


Magento 2 Support


A business will never be successful without its owner’s close attention to details. The initial stage of website development is to choose a high-performing ecommerce platform. It is not a guarantee of success, but it definitely leads to it. The next step is to support and maintain the online store, but it takes a lot of effort. When BelVG managed the migration process, we did not just install all the necessary extensions. Our team kept supporting the project for a long run. The Lothar John company‚Äôs security was our priority.

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Klaus-Dieter Gwiasda,

Head of IT, Lothar John

Review - LotharJohn

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