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Shiekh Shoes is a chain of footwear stores in more than 125 different locations all around the US. Started in 1991, the company has gained awareness and immense popularity amongst consumers as California’s major modern footwear and apparel retailer. Providing high standards of service, Shiekh Shoes position themselves as a retailer that specializes in selling street culture lifestyle footwear. What particularly attracts customers is the company offers deals for any age and size. Their selection of shoes is quite large and they always have up-to-date shoes which are fashionable. Shoppers appreciate the wide selection of fashionable shoes and the various designs from modern street sneakers and stylish clothing to a huge variety of accessories.


Magento Development


Reviewing their business strategy, Shiekh Shoes chose ecommerce and that decision turned out well for them. The company thought of a modern and highly-productive website that would be convenient for both customers and the business owners. The online shop itself should be flexible and configurable as it was conceived to be a powerful marketing tool with opportunity to create loyalty programs, custom newsletters and various raffles. Magento Commerce turned out to be the perfect match for the company’s requirements. As the target audience of the company are young and active people, Shiekh Shoes paid particular attention to the mobile version of the webstore. BelVG went beyond that initial idea and created a mobile application for both iOS and Android phones.


Magento Integration


Making online shopping as easy and intuitive as possible was the motto of this project. The webstore interface should be user-friendly for all those involved. To achieve this, the BelVG team created different kinds of integrations for the website. The Nextopia system was embedded to achieve better search results. This smart site search system allows customers to find what they are looking for in a few seconds. As a result, business owners increased conversions they made and sales/profits went up. Moreover, the convenience for webstore managers was the project’s aim as well. For instance, BelVG managed RetailOps integrations as it is the ERP system that Shiekh Shoes uses for their day-to-day operations.


Custom Magento Development


Magento Commerce platform gives business owners excellent opportunities to create great online shops. Cooperation with a team of certified developers, such as BelVG, makes it possible to customize a website and complement it with unique features only your website will have. This is exactly what Shiekh Shoes did. BelVG empowered Magento functionality by developing a special subscription. It gives every customer an opportunity to receive a package of clothes, created by a professional stylist. The steps are clear: choose a plan, specify frequency, fill out a survey and enjoy your items upon delivery.

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Review - Shiekh

Denis Ivanov,

CTO, Shiekh Shoes

Review - Shiekh

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