Ultimate Sales Boost Tool for the Crypto Merchant

The safest place for your cryptoassets

At the moment of the highest popularity of cryptocurrencies, a lot of investors were looking for the safest place to store their private keys. It was a perfect business idea for the New York based team of crypto adopters and enthusiasts – the Crypto Merchant. They relied just on one credo – deliver the safest hardware wallets to crypto investors. The company is an authorized Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey retailer, and a Coinbase Commerce verified merchant. The Crypto Merchant’s hardware wallets are a guarantee that your assets are 100% safe.


The Crypto Merchant team looked for a Shopify expert to improve their online store and give it a new life. BelVG came across as the right development team for this task. We had three goals – attract more customers, improve customer experience and boost sales. So, the BelVG designers created a custom new Shopify theme for their online store. Our developers managed some top-notch solutions, including Privy and Live Chat to allow the Crypto Merchant contact their users and customers at ease. To improve sales and brand awareness, BelVG installed the Ultimate Sales Boost tool, Sticky Add to Cart Button, as well as created Cart Notifications and Easy Contact Form. Our hard work paid off – the Crypto Merchant has doubled their sales and deliveries. Website improvement also resulted in more pleasant customer experience, which is proven by their outstanding Trustpilot reviews.


Shopify Theme Development


Website is a brand’s face, while the custom Shopify theme demonstrates the uniqueness of the Crypto Merchant. Having developed hundreds of websites, we knew the right way to represent the identity of this business. Custom theme is not only a perfect solution when you want to design a website according to the brand’s needs, but it also makes it user-friendly. We understand that customers should find products, shopping cart, FAQ, contact form and other pages without any difficulties. So we design easy to navigate websites which deliver unique experiences, and make customers come back for more.


At the same time, well-thought crypto services by the Crypto Merchant which are both secure and understandable prove that their ecommerce is worth attention. Shopify custom theme development by BelVG is a work with creative designers and experienced developers who understand how your business works and what your customers need. We can implement any solution to level up an ecommerce brand.


Shopify Integrations


The Crypto Merchant wanted us to add functionality to their store, and let them communicate with customers faster and better. To facilitate the work of their support team, BelVG integrated the online store with Live Chat. The solution allows customers to get answers to the most common questions in real time, and enjoy service efficiency. The chat is available in over 20 languages, so it allows winning customers globally. After analyzing the workload, together we also decided to integrate the Crypto Merchants’ website with Privy. It is a multifunctional tool which is useful for email marketing, pop ups and banners, cart recovery and site conversions. Privy sends automated reminder emails, autoresponders and provides many more functions.


The BelVG team understands how to empower your brand with the best ecommerce tools. We found the way to grow the Crypto Merchant’s email list and increase sales while decreasing the workload and site management time. All of it is possible with the right Shopify integrations.


Ultimate Sale Boost Shopify Integration


Continuous growth in sales is a desire of every ecommerce merchant, and BelVG can make these dreams come true. Working with the Crypto Merchant, we saw the need to add Ultimate Sale Boost to their website. This sales promotion tool allows tagging promotional widgets on single product pages, BOGO messages, payment gateway icons, “add to cart” button animation and more.


The Crypto Merchant wanted us to add cart notifications and Sticky add to cart button. Both solutions are proven-to-work in encouraging customers to add products to the shopping cart, as well as receive fast notifications not to make them wait too long. The more your clients wait for the response, the highest the chances that they will leave the site. We follow the latest ecommerce trends and provide clients with advice based on over 12 years of experience.

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